Thursday, December 15, 2011

Secret War with Iran, Part 1

The Drone

Today Iran is demanding that Afghanistan stop letting America use its bases to launch drones. The Iranian government has paraded on television an RQ-170 Sentinel US drone they say was spying over their airspace in Kashmar. They report that is was shot down while the US government is saying it malfunctioned. An Iranian engineer is claiming that the Iranian government successfully exploited a known vulnerability of the drone and caused it to land in Iran.

The US has asked for the drone to be returned but Iran refuses saying they view the incident as a hostile act.

Bank Sanctions

Obama appears to have come around in support of sanctions on Iran's Central Bank.

Sanctions of course come with potential costs. It could create higher oil prices and may hurt American business allies overseas that have current transactions with the Bank. Higher oil prices might ironically help Iran profit.

Nuclear Ambitions

So the main thrust of US concerns is a nuclear Iran. Iran insists that their nuclear development is only for peaceful purposes however, the International Atomic Energy Agency suggests otherwise.
In the next upcoming series, we will learn about sabotage and assasination plots. Stay Tuned.