Monday, November 3, 2008

The Day After Tomorrow

When you first date someone, you tell them what they want to hear. After a few months, the real you comes out and a breakup ensues. Get ready America because that's what will happen if Obama wins.History reveals that leaders viewed as Saviors always fall back down to earth and the people become disillusioned.

I still think the race is closer than the polls say but ... McCain may lose because of the old cliché "Republicans are out of touch with the economy." In fairness, Democrats are supposedly clueless about foreign policy but the "war on terror" is not what's in the news this election cycle. Elections are won on perception, not reality, and it looks like that may be the case tomorrow.

First let me say that I don't think Obama is an amazing speaker like Clinton or Reagan. In my opinion he lacks heart and his words sound scripted and empty. Judging by the crowds at his rallies however, I know many people disagree.Now with that said - let's discuss McCain. He did a poor job communicating his ideas to America. He did not present a convincing message why he should be President. Contrast this with Gingrich'sContract with America over a decade ago in support of Congressional candidates. Whether you agreed with it or not, it was a very effective national strategy that worked in motivating the electorate to vote Republican.

Joe voter is asking how McCain's economic policies differ from Bush's? The reality is that the economy will recover but McCain tried saying that and he was painted as out of touch. Whether Obama's policies are good for the country doesn't matter to Joe Voter because he is hurting and when people hurt they want "hope" and "change."


  1. Good job! I also agree that this election will be won by perception and not depth, knowledge and experience. Very proud of you! :)

  2. Coming from a Hillary supporter who is voting for Obama, I get what you're saying, but I disagree Obama is seen by the vast majority as a "savior." For now, he's our only chance at getting back on track, and I think we all know it's going to take a long time before we see change. Politics as usual isn't in option with the state we're in now.

  3. I am a Hillary supporter who voted for McCain For the first time in my adult life I am voting republican, I oppose obama's views on "sharing the wealth". He is an embarrassment to the democrat party. Hoepfully more voters will see behind the obama facade

  4. Dear President Elect Barack Obama,

    First of all I want to say thank you. Thank you. You have convinced me that hard work, determination and vision are NOT the key factors of this country but inexperience and ignorance are. I can't believe I have been so fooled by conservative lies and deception that I was convince I was on the right path to be a Great American, but no sir, you have steered me in the right direction. You have opened my eyes like the second coming and like the second coming I know the end is very near.
    First of all I want to be a heart surgeon. No seriously a genuine heart surgeon. I want people to trust my skills for the most important function in their own body. Is that too much to ask? When people ask for my credientials I will have no pictures in my office, no certificates, nothing. When they ask why I qualify I will simply say to them well if it's good enough for my president then it should be good enough. On my resume I will just have merchandise organizer and during the surgery for as long as I am PRESENT that will be enough.
    Second of all I want to get cool friends just like you. Conservatives can be so stuffy and boring. I like passionate people like your minister Rev. Wright and Bill Ayres - I want to be friends with someone like that. To have them preach to my family and invite into my house for twenty years but somehow have absolutely nothing to do with them. I'm thinking to myself that if my president can have cool friends like that - then why can't I? I haven't heard mush from the KKK lately and for that matter the Taliban - but that's not right. I shouldn't be hanging around with know terrorist because my president - oh wait a minute that's right Mr. Obama you have! So, what I should do if anyone asks. Oh I know, I will simply say these people are aquaintances. Think of it - I could have friends from Charles Manson to Marilyn Manson and no one should think any different of me.
    Third, I want to thank you for stopping me making a bad decision. I was strongly thinking about starting my own small business but you have smashed that dream and I'm greatful for it. When I watch you stand up to that Joe the Plumber guy about his hard hitting question, I put all my dreams aside so I can help the unfortunate(or better still the unmotivated). You sure showed that Joe a thing or two by coming back and insulting him by saying that you didn't know a plumber that made $250K a year and under your administration I know that will never ever happen for anyone.
    Also, I can't wait until you socialize healthcare. I mean Education and Social Security are doing so well being ruined(I mean) being runned by the government - why not put my health on the line. Speaking of lines, I know I will feel satisfied that just like a Canadian teen whose awaiting a really important brain operation. She is patiently awaiting her most urgent care but I have come to the understanding that that is just part of the terms to make sure people get health care whether they're legal or illegal opps I'm sorry undocumented.
    So go to it Mr. President elect Obama. Go do what you were destined to do. Travel the 57 states. Spread the wealth around. Insult our troops and cut their support. Install the Unfair - er Fairness Docturane. Cut the Bush tax cuts so that those mean rich people can cut those jobs we don't need. And keep doing the same work that you did as a Senator because we need men like you Mr. President Obama - we need you to keep us conservatives motivated, educated and entertained because we'll be watching every step of the way...

    (Liberalism is funny, but it's no laughing matter)

    -Christian Basel


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