Saturday, June 6, 2009

Torture Done Outside of the Legal Box

In my opinion, torture should never be institutionalized or legalized as an acceptable practice by the US.

With that said, could there ever be a 24 like situation where I would root for Jack Bauer? In theory, yes, but it's important to note that Jack Bauer (and yes I know it's a television program) is willing to pay the consequences for his actions. In otherwords, he is not working within a legal framework.


  1. What if we just call it "real uncomfortable" instead of torture...that makes it ok (for us) than, right?

  2. Yes, real uncomfortable could absolutely be the new word for torture :-)

  3. I'd endure being "real comfortable" if it means I also get a cool new laptop, my captors reminding me not to forget to study my book of worship and new flip flops and a Doc around for my "oh you aren't really going to drown but we are going to make it feel that way"
    But shucks I reckon where I'd end up, I would have to settle for just having my head slowly hacked off via the interenet and satellite, for my family and the world to see.


  4. larticul8 -- I agree our US standard of treatment is way better than the terrorists that be-head.

    I also agree that the media focuses on GITMO's shortcomings without focusing on the positives.

    Even Michal Moore chronicled some of the positive in Sicko.

  5. If you have a chance check out my blog post on a Video of Waterboarding Technique actually being applied to a "volunteer" and judge for yourself whether or not it is torture. The "volunteer" actually explains his experience after the demonstartion.

  6. Nobody dies in our methods of torture (usually). I am all good with water boarding, electro shock, drugs, bamboo under fingernails, hot tar, branding, burning, cutting (with alcohol to clean the wounds), beating, good cop bad cop, pliers and other tools used in various creative ways, etc. There are so many non-lethal options where people don't die (maybe they wish they were dead) and we get our answers.

  7. Playing games with peoples minds is already institutionalized and legal, so it should be fine for us to do it to get information from enemy captives. If we as citizens have to suffer through it with all the politicians, should it not be ok to put enemies of the U.S. through it too.


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