Saturday, December 20, 2008

CA State Dems are Politically Incompetent

I feel outraged!

I am sick and tired of politicians acting irresponsibly by spending money without fiscal discipline and then trying to increase our taxes.


California faces a budget deficit of $18 billion dollars.


In California, taxes can only be raised by a 2/3 vote in the Assembly and Senate. Although Democrats are by far the dominant force politically, they need Republican crossover votes in order to reach the 2/3 threshold.Republicans refuse to vote for a tax increase.


The Democrats are trying to use a loophole in the law to increase fees with a simple majority vote - as opposed to the two-thirds vote.

The scheme is to call some of the revenues "fees" instead of taxes. I believe this is both illegal and against the will of the voters.

On Thursday, California Democratic lawmakers voted in their proposal. The governor vetoed the measure but failed to point out the illegality of what the Democrats were trying to do. The measure is not completely dead though because Democrats plan to re-negotiate with the Governor and pass a similar measure.


- Sales taxes would increase by three-fourths of a cent.
- Gas taxes would go up by 13.5 cents per gallon.
- A surcharge of 2.5% would be added to income taxes.

I am totally blown away that Democrats would actually try to raise taxes during a recession. 1 out of 12 people are out of work in California and over the last 4 years, more people have left the state than moved in. Time for another recall!


  1. Democrats love to make the American people pay higher taxes. They lie and try and slip things by the American people, like they think we are stupid or something. We need to stop these liars from deceiving us, the citizens of this country, and bring back honor and civility to the office of all Democratic politicians. At least Arnie vetoed the Bill.

  2. I agree with your assessment Teresa! We totally need to bring back honor and civility!


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